New mom looks up her Gucci purse 'push present' and's fake (2024)

A new mom took to Reddit when she and her husband found themselves at odds over a gift—a “push present,” if you will.

“Since I met my husband he has always gifted me expensive things. My husband has a job that pays him a good amount of money. Over the years I would tell him that he doesn’t have to keep buying me expensive gifts bc we both have expenses such as a mortgage and other bills. I also gift him expensive presents that I save up to buy him,” she wrote on Reddit.

“A few weeks ago we welcomed a beautiful baby boy. My husband a few days ago before I had him gave me a push present. It was a huge gucci bag and inside was a gucci tote bag. It was a very lovely bag. He said the reason why he got me that huge gucci tote bag was because I would need a big bag to carry around so that I can put the babies things inside when I travel with him.”

She continued,” I gave my husband a huge hug and I thanked him. The gift to me was too much but he kept insisting that he appreciates me and is excited for this journey we will both experience. And that he saw how miserable I was mentally and emotionally during my pregnancy.”

But when she looked closer at the bag, things started to unravel (pun fully intended).

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She wrote, “The next day while my husband was at work I took the bag out of the box to place it on a shelf next to my other bags. As I held the bag something felt off. I noticed that the material of the bag was different. The inside of the bag looked a little off and the handles of the bag felt very bad quality to the point where I placed too many things in the bag I am sure it would tear. The bag also smelled different. It didn’t smell like leather to me. I quickly went to the gucci website and looked for the bag. The bag is on there, but as I compared both bags, I came to the conclusion that the bag was fake. I still tried to give him the benefit of doubt by looking for an older version but everything still points to the bag being fake.”

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She continued, “I began to wonder why would he buy me a fake bag . He didn’t have to get me anything expensive I made that very clear to him many times. Later that night when he came home I asked him where did he buy the bag at . At first he said the actually gucci store. I kept asking him if he was sure a couple of times. He then told me no it was ebay. He said he got it for a good deal . I quickly told him the bag was fake and that he should try and get his money back. He angrily said he was offended and that ebay authenticated the bag and how dare I call the bag fake. I showed him the pictures and he just even more mad and called me ungrateful. I even compared it to another gucci bag that I have and showed him how the material is different. I also explained to him that if he paid a lot of money for the bag thinking it was real then he got scammed and should get a refund. He paused for a second and took the bag. He keeps calling me ungrateful.”

This poor mom came to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole” forum to ask the internet if she’s in the wrong for “questioning if the bag is fake,” but it doesn’t sound like she did it because she didn’t appreciate the bag — she just wanted to make sure her husband didn’t get scammed!

And commenters were quick to point that out.

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“You were obviously more worried about your husband getting ripped off than you were about receiving an authentic bag. Hopefully your husband will calm down and see you are simply concerned, not ungrateful,” the top-voted one reads.

Another added, “If he got it from eBay and it was authenticated, he should have received papers stating that. Sounds like either he knew it was fake and is upset you caught him in a lie, or he didn’t know and is embarrassed about getting scammed. Either way, it was reasonable for you to question him about it once you realized it was fake. Because either he lied to you or he needs to get his money back.”

Commenters were pretty much in agreement, though, that this mom is not the a**hole. They’re a little less sure about whether her husband is —it kind of depends on what happens next.

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New mom looks up her Gucci purse 'push present' and's fake (2024)


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